Scientific concept

The global increase in obesity accelerates aging and increases the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver, chronic kidney disease, inflammatory conditions and certain cancers. Exercise and caloric restriction that impose a low energy state can reduce the detrimental effects of obesity, aging and associated co-morbidities, but compliance is a major problem.

AMPK is activated by the low energy state elicited by exercise & caloric restriction. By restoring energy charge, AMPK activation is beneficial for mitigating the large number of morbidities imposed by chronic metabolic perturbations coupled to a modern life-style and/or aging. Thus, pharmacological activation of AMPK is a promising approach to treat multiple diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle and aging. Preclinical and clinical results with our lead first-in-class AMPK activator O304 support this concept.

About AMPK 
O304-Our lead AMPK Activator
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Indications for Betagenon´s AMPK Activators:
Type 2 diabetes
Diabetic Kidney Disease
Heart Failure