Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy 

Betagenon is a clinical stage company that develops and commercializes its proprietary first in class AMPK activators with the lead compound O304 to develop more efficacious and cost-efficient therapies for diseases and conditions associated with the global epidemic in obesity and an aging population. 

Innovative pharmacological activation of AMPK can be applied, inter alia, towards diabetes, diabetic/chronic kidney disease, heart failure, obesity NAFLD/NASH, inflammation as well as therapy of certain cancers, all with multiple BUSD market potential. With AMPK as a target and multiple unique AMPK activators, Betagenon has only very few competitors and can target large markets that are ready for novel innovative drugs.

Betagenon’s strategy is to maximize shareholder value by developing AMPK activators as treatment applications in large indications to a stage where they can be licensed to pharmaceutical companies who will develop them into commercial products, and by in-house development of smaller niche indications.

Betagenon seeks to gain revenue chiefly from:

  • Out-licensing of Betagenon’s different proprietary AMPK activators for the treatment of diseases and conditions associated with obesity and aging
  • Out-licensing of Betagenon’s proprietary AMPK activators to partners for further improving their drugs on the market
  • In-house commercial development of AMPK activators for treatment of niche indications